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Baseball Quotes

Problems are the price you pay for progress. -Branch Rickey- Every strike brings me closer to to the next home run. -Babe Ruth- You can't think and hit at the same time. -Yogi Berra- Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical. -Yogi Berra- Ability is the art of getting credit for all the home runs somebody else hits. -Casey Stengel- It's a great day to play two. -Ernie Banks- A baseball manager is a necessary evil. -Sparkey Anderson- There are only two seasons - winter and Baseball. -Bill Veeck- Content Slideshow

Scout of the Year Awards

The Scout of the Year Award is open to all levels of the scouting profession and honors a lifetime of scouting excellence at all levels of the scouting. You must have twenty-five years of experience. This award may be given to up to four scouts each year.

Year West Mid West East
1984 No record of selection No record of selection Howie Haak (Pirates)
1985 Jesse Flores (Twins) Tony Robello (Reds) George Digby (Red Sox)
1986 Rosey Gilhousen (Royals) Tony Lucadello (Phillies) Ralph DiLullo (MLSB)
1987 Joe Stephenson (Red Sox) Dale McReynolds (Dodgers) Joe Branzell (Rangers)
1988 George Genovese (Giants) Danny Doyle (Red Sox) Rex Bowen (Reds)
1989 Gene Thompson (Giants) Bill Capps (Cubs) Buddy Kerr (Mets)
1990 Gene Handley (Cubs) Dee Phillips (Tigers) Len Merullo (MLSB)
1991 Bill Wight (Braves) Richard Klaus (Giants) Elmer Gray (Pirates)
1992 Eddie Bockman (Marlins) Chuck Koney (Red Sox) Paul Snyder (Braves)
1993 Al Kubski (Royals) Joe Ford (Blue Jays) Fred Shaffer (Braves)
1994 Jerry Gardner (Braves) Lenny Yochim (Pirates) Steve Souchock (Tigers)
1995 Spider Jorgensen (Cubs) Jim Hughes (Blue Jays) George Zuraw (Mariners)
1996 Harry Minor (Mets) Nick Kamzic (Angels) Hugh Alexander (Cubs)
1997 Ron King (Pirates) Fred McAlister (Cardinals) John Stokoe (Orioles)
1998 Bruce Andrew (Rockies) Buck O'Neil (Royals) Charlie Wagner (Red Sox)
1999 Don Lindeberg (Devil Rays) Red Gaskill (Angels) Lamar North (Orioles)
2000 Bobby Mattick (Blue Jays) Emil Belich (Phillies) George Bradley (White Sox)
2001 Dick Bogard (Athletics) Al LaMacchia (Devil Rays) Rip Tutor (Braves)
2002 Al Ronning (MLSB) Robert Oldis (Marlins) Fred B. Uhlman Sr. (Orioles)
2003 Bob Harrison (Mariners) Don Williams (Devil Rays) Larry Doughty Brewers
2004 Larry Barton Jr. (Reds) Ken Bracey (Padres) Bill Lajoie (Red Sox)
2005 Roger Jongewaard (Rays) Pat Daugherty (Rockies) Carl Loewenstine (Dodgers)
2006 Bob Bishop (Royals) Ray Crone (Padres) Tim Wilken (Cubs)
2007 Ed Sukla (MLSB) Jim Walton (MLSB) Tom Giordano (Bravea)
2008 Gib Bodet (Dodgers) Art Stewart (Royals) Tony DeMacio (Braves)
2009 Gary Hughes (Cubs) Gene Bennett (Reds) Alex Cosmidis (White Sox)
2010 Tom Davis (Braves) Mike Roberts (Cardinals) Murray Cook (Tigers)
2011 Bob Engle (Mariners) Mike Radcliff (Twins) Mel Didier (Blue Jays)
2012 Marty Keough (Cardinals) Don Welke (Rangers) Charles Bowers (Red Sox)
2013     Doug Mapson (Giants)           Bill Bryk (Dbacks)                      Howard McCullough(Dbacks)